April 26, 2010

Oh, glee, why must you produce touching numbers?

I must admit when I watched it I wasn’t as impressed as they said. It’s because there was still something missing. There were too many long commercials on etc!

Even though it’s not that great, the story is still very juicy. But the suspense is killing me, even though it just aired, I can’t wait for the next episode.

I already want to know what would happen about the love lives and also about Jessie St. James.

Ah, Jessie. I don’t know what to think of that guy. Is he nice? Double Agent?  Or just honest? The suspense is literally killing me. I think he joined new direction because of he wants Vocal Adrenaline to win, again.  I think this because, from a lead role to a kind of crappy backup role.

But maybe he really just likes Rachel. Beats me. <Sigh>

Anyway, why must they only show new episodes once a week? Why can’t they just do it twice or even every day. hehehe.

Maybe, it’s me being brainwashed that’s why I’m saying these things. It’s just too addicting.

I’m so brainwashed that even though I’ve watched it four times already, I am still loading it into my ipod. I downloaded it online with Improved Megavideo Downloader.

Yes, I was that addicted.

04\23\10 12:03 AM

I just found out that Jonathan Groff in Glee as Jessie St. James is gay in real life! I thought he was engaged to Lea Michele but no! I just found out that he was loud and proud.



Well done.

April 21, 2010

I salute  you, the producers of Ugly Betty. You make me want to download every single episode of season 4. Why do you make each episode end with suspense for the next one?

I must say the story gets juicier and juicier every episode.  Ate, you were right. I think it will be Betty and Daniel. But why must i always work out for Betty in the end? I’m so excited for the next episodes because it has become so good this season.

And Justine is really ***,yep the truth has come out. He has a ____friend. For those who haven’t seen it yet if you watch, I am not spoiling it for you. I’m just so excited . But I guess you already got the first sentence. Sorry. 😦

But one thing I must say is this…
Betty has no braces, together with new glasses, and no bangs. Here’s a picture of my proof.


And also, this is a new fact, Betty is now stylish. Here is another photo to prove it.it

Sorry, it’s a little blurry. It’s beacuse I got it with my friend, the snipping tool.

I’m so excited again. At first it was a little weird that Daniel and betty might be together. But now that Betty isn’t that ugly anymore it’s ok.


It starts here.

April 19, 2010

Here I start my very first post of my very first blog. Many questions start to cloud my head. Will I write frequently? Will I have any readers? Will this blog die untouched? Well, we’ll just have to see.

Technically, this isn’t my first blog. I’ve started about 3 blogs already but no posts. I guess I have to change my habits. I guess I have to keep an open mind about my writing.

As I write these words, a cloud of insecurity comes upon me. What if no one reads my blog? It’ll affect me even more.

I’ll try my best not t0 bore you, readers from anywhere if you’re there.

P.S.  Please do not leave any harsh comments. (hahahaha. parang meron bumabasa)